From this page you can access all emma conferences past and present.

The 2017 conference was held in Ghent, all the details can be found here 

Over the next few weeks the full conference papers will be archived on this site.

A direct link to a summary list of Presentations & Authors for the Ghent conference (on the OCS) is here…

Since 2014 we have used a conference management system called the Open Conference Systems (OCS). If you have registered for any conference from 2014 you can access the details here… 

Our archive of full conference papers from 2015 is available here…

Older conferences from 2007 till 2013 only appear on the emma website, details on the righthand sidebar to this page. 

There is no active archive for these conferences; so if you wish to have further details of a past paper you will have to contact the author. If we can, we will assist via the contact form on this site

We hope this page helps you find anything to do with the conferences.

If not clear do drop us a note and we will endeavour to provide better signposting.