European Media Management Association

The European Media Management Association (emma) is an international not-for-profit academic organisation that was founded in 2003. emma encourages and support growth in media management research, scholarship and practice throughout Europe and around the world.

emma Conference 2020, Jönköping, Sweden

The emma conference in 2020 will be hosted by the Media, Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) at Jönköping University, Sweden, on 4–6 June. The field of media management research is growing and developing, enhancing its ambitions and opportunities. Media management research can benefit from a better understanding of the different dimensions of contexts relevant in media. Contextualizing our research offers the potential not only to account for specific circumstances and boundary conditions in our findings, but also to increase theories of media relevance beyond current industry definitions and managerial issues. All topics related to dimensions of context relevant for media management research are welcome at the conference. #emmaSweden2020.

emma Summer School, Lisbon, Portugal

In 2020, the summer school will take place in Lisbon at the ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon and will be organized by the Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (Sociology Research Centre) and the Communication Sciences Department – a part of the School of Sociology and Public Policies. In addition to the conference, the emma Summer School is organized every other year. This summer school aims to provide an international and supportive setting in which doctoral researchers in the field of media management can exchange knowledge with peers, senior scholars and industry delegates. By presenting research projects and discussing feedback, participants both gain a deeper understanding of their work from a broader perspective and develop oral and writing skills. Additionally, through interaction with peers, scholars and practitioners, the emma Summer School has proved to be a good place to network. The emma Doctoral Summer School 2018 took place in Bournemouth (UK) on 4–6 July. It was a successful event organized by the Faculty of Media & Communication and the Research Group Advances in Media Management (AiMM). The summer school in Lisbon will take place on 7–10 July, 2020. Registration is now open!