Board Members

The emma Executive Board is authorised to carry out all actions required for the conduct of affairs, business and routine operations affecting emma.

The Executive Board has eight members, four of which are elected in the AGA: 

  • President (elected, with term limits) 
  • Deputy President (elected, with term limits) 
  • Secretary (elected, with term limits) 
  • Treasurer (approved by the elected Board and announced, without term limits) 
  • Communications Portfolio (elected, without term limits) 
  • Conference Host (approved by the elected Board and announced) 
  • Co-opted (one-year position, in year without summer school)
  • Summer School Host (approved by the elected Board and announced) 
  • Project Chair (elected, with term limits)
Ulrike Rohn

Tallinn University, Estonia

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM)

Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT)

Päivi Maijanen-Kyläheiko
Deputy President

LUT University, Lappeenranta, Finland

Bianca Harms
Communications Portfolio

NHL Stenden University & University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Sari Virta

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Sabine Baumann
Special Projects

Jade University, Wilhelmshaven, Germany – Department of Management, Information, Technology

Joaquin Cestino
Conference Host

MMTC Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), Jönköping University Sweden

Miguel Crespo
Summer School Host 2020

ISCTE- University Institute of Lisbon Portugal

Ramona-Riin Dremljuga

Senior Consultant at Civitta Estonia