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Faculty of Communication and Media Studies

Department of Communication and Internet Studies

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

30 Arch. Kyprianos Str.

3036 Limassol, Cyprus


Organising Committee:

Conference Chair: Prof. Dr. Stavros Georgiades – CONTACT PERSON:

Local Organising Chair: Prof. Nikos Tsapatsoulis

Program Committee Chairs: Dr Paraskevi (Evi) Dekoulou – CONTACT PERSON:

Dr Nicholas Nicoli (University of Nicosia)


Local team:

Prof. Georgios Panigyrakis

Dr. Dionysis Panos

Dr. Euripides C. Antoniades

Ms Evdoxia Kyriacou



Administrative Support:

Easy Conferences

phone +357 22 591900

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