Guest Speakers – Industry Experts

Online Gaming

Speaker:  Tracy Spaight

Short Bio:

Tracy Spaight is the Director of Special Projects at, a leading video game developer and publisher. Since 2012, he has developed interactive exhibits, 360 VR films, Augmented Reality Applications. Some of his recent projects include developing an AR experience on Hololens for the Bovington Tank Museum and an AR table to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, in partnership with the History Channel. Tracy has worked in the video game industry as a publisher, game developer, and media project specialist since 2005. In that year, Tracy joined Atlanta based Rapid Reality Studios, where he served as VP of Research & Development and later as Chief Operating Officer. From 2008 through 2011, he was the Executive Director of Publishing at Gamersfirst, where he evaluated online games for licensing or acquisition. Tracy is the author of “Who Killed Miss Norway,” which first appeared in Salon, and the co-author of Alter Ego: Avatars & Their Creators and of Buried in Burma (forthcoming, 2019). Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Santa Clara University and a Master of Arts degree in Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University. He was a visiting scholar in the History of Science at Cambridge University in 1998-1999. He has held fellowships from the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst, the National Science Foundation, and the Russell Sage Foundation, as well as media grants from the Texas Council for the Humanities and the Texas Commission for the Arts.

Abstract: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Wargaming and Museums

With a trilogy of games about the vehicles of World War 2, it is perhaps not surprising that Wargaming attracts a sizeable segment of people interested in military history. Interestingly, many of them are not traditional gamers. Connecting with military history enthusiasts has required us to develop new marketing channels. Over the past seven years, Wargaming has created virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for military history museums around the world.  We have used AR technology to bring museum exhibits out into public spaces, made inaccessible areas of museums accessible through 360 VR, and allowed audiences to engage with historical vehicles in ways that simply aren’t possible with real vehicles. This talk explores how we’ve integrated VR and AR technology into museums, the kinds of engagement these technologies make possible, and the effectiveness of these public-facing experiments.


Media Law

Speaker:  Georgios Colocasides

Short Bio:

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics London School of Economics, London (United Kingdom)
  • Bachelor in law, Oxford University, Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) King’s College, London (United Kingdom)

Languages: Greek (native), English, French, German

Georghios Colocassides is a corporate lawyer focusing in securities law, mergers and acquisitions, alternative investment funds, corporate and media law. He practices litigation in the above and other fields. He has served on the advisory committee to the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation – an autonomous body established under the Regulation of Electronic Communication and Postal Services Law, Law N. 112(I)/2004. He has served as non-executive honorary director for a media group owing one of the most prestigious journals in Cyprus, a radio station and with shareholding in one of the island’s television stations. Often invited on radio and television programs as well as to write for Cypriot and Greek journals and newspapers on constitutional, institutional, legal and political matters. In the past he acted as host to a Current Affairs program on national television.

Speaker:  Georgios Vlamis

Short Bio:

During the last 10 years I have been working as a District Court Judge and have come across many different cases including cases of Media Law.

Graduated in quantity surveying from the University of Reading (UK), worked as a quantity surveyor at MDA GROUP CYPRUS LTD in Cyprus for 6 months and then was transferred to the company’s headquarters in London where I worked for 3,5 years. During my work at MDA GROUP UK, I attended a part time Master course in Construction Law and Arbitration (MSc) at King’s College London, from which I successfully graduated after 2 years.

I then resigned my job and decided to continue my studies in Law at the UK attending a one year full time conversion course and being awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in English Law (C.P.E.) at BPP Law School. After that I completed a one year full time Bar Vocational Course and was awarded the Postgraduate Dıploma ın Vocatıonal Traınıng for Bar and then became a member of Lincoln’s Inn. During the Bar Vocational Course I spent one month training at Keating Chambers being involved with Construction Law and Arbitration cases. Furthermore I had one month training at Woolwich Crown Court sitting as a Judge’s Marshall.

After a nine year stay in the UK, I returned to Cyprus to practice Law and started training at the Attorney General’s Office for a year, to be called on the Cyprus Bar.  For the following two years I was employed at a Law firm in Nicosia and then started my own Law firm, which I maintained for five years, up to the point where I was appointed as a district judge.


The first part of our speech will cover the following topics: the right to express comments in public in Cyprus, the potentiality opened to Cypriot media companies expressing free different views about the same theme, and comments on relevant legislation and case law.

The Second part of the speech will cover the following topics: controlling censorship, dealing with libel in Cypriot media society and report on case law.


Audio-visual Industry

Speaker:  Chris Economides

Short Bio:

CEO of BMCH HELLAS S.A. and BMCH (Cyprus) Ltd, consulting firms in Greece and Cyprus

Over 35 years of experience in the Business Corporate sector on diversified projects including the Audiovisual Sector. In 2018 he concluded the new Frame Work Regulations for the Cyprus Government on the development of the Audio-visual sector. Broad latitude and business knowledge in the fields of The  Internet  Business,  E&T-Commerce, Medical,  Finance, Marine  Technology,  Construction  and  Development,  Green  Energy Projects, Leadership and Strategy, Human Resources, Tourism, and Government Regulations.

Operating outlook: To run corporations efficiently with long-term sustainability and viability. International experience in setting up small to large sized, specialist or otherwise, companies. Setting up business rules, training and recruiting, forecasting and operating, restructuring, acquiring and or merging. Generating viability plans to salvage corporations including sourcing of funds. Optimiser offering lateral thinking and solutions to otherwise unresolved issues. Offers consulting services both at an operational and strategic level to corporations in various business sectors by developing business opportunities, business plans and solutions in restructuring and re-organizing businesses.

He set up managed and operated companies with 1,000 employees turning around 150 million USD per annum as a CEO and COO in a multinational environment, with many shareholders.

Currently  Member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  in  Companies  offering  knowledge  base  and  experience, including hands on operating management skills if required.

Abstract: The development of the Audiovisual Industry in Cyprus – impact, future and prospects.

A presentation on the recently adopted regulations in encouraging the development of the Audiovisual sector analyzing the economic and social impact and the transformation it may bring to Cyprus.