Social activities


June 16, 2018 (Saturday)
This is not another boring guided tour. Discover the city and win in the competition!

Hi! It’s the social activities team! We have prepared something  special for you 🙂

We know that guided tours can be boring and take hours.. Usually the guides focus on historical venues and museums while omitting the city life, art, entertainment, cuisine and so on.


We offer a set of 5 tours designed to show you Warsaw we love – where we live, have fun, work, commute. Believe us or not, but most of people in Warsaw do not spend much time at locations from guided tours. So, following the slogan of the city “Fall in love with Warsaw”, as we do!

There are 5 tours waiting for you:

  • The city with history – you will find out a lot about medieval times, World War II and Jewish history;
  • From Stalin with Love – everything you would like to know about daily life in communism times. Luckily it’s history now, but there are still places and stories that remind us of this time;
  • Contemporary Warsaw – night outs, architecture, art, entertainment, sport, chill out and heaven for foodies – see all cult places for young Varsovians;
  • Life around the River / Mind the River – life in Warsaw goes around the Vistula River. There are venues for science and arts lovers, sport enthusiast and city;
  • So you think we eat pierogi 365 days in year… – everything you would like to know about traditional and modern cuisine of Poland and Warsaw. Breakfasts, snacks, desserts, hungover food and famous beverages – try them all!

Every tour takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete (we do not count time of sightseeing the museums, science centre, restaurants etc.). We recommend using public transport or city bikes. You fill find precise directions and maps for every tour (bus stops, lines, subway stations). You will get public transport tickets and instructions on how to rent a bike.

Will will provide you lots of interesting info about visited places as well as tips/recommendations. These will be included in the booklets you will be given during emma gathering in Warsaw.

You can take a tour individually, but we strongly recommend doing it in groups! More fun!


Each person / team that completes all tours and missions will be awarded with Warsaw-inspired gifts. Special prizes will be given to those, who complete bonus missions as well. The submissions will be received via EMMA Summit Facebook page. We strongly recommend joining Facebook group on emma Warsaw social page (coming soon), where we will give extra tips and hints related to tours, the team competition and practical info about the city life in Warsaw.

Do not hesitate to submit pictures from sightseeing and the game during social activities day on Facebook! The foto that receives the biggest number of reactions, will be awarded as well. Remember, the competition part is not obligatory, but it brings a lot of fun 🙂

Join our social events (June 16, 2018) when registering for emma conference (additional cost for participation in Saturday’s social events 150 PLN, approx. 35 EUR to cover food expenses, production of booklets and maps)

„May the odds be in your favor” and see you in June!


Anita Ceglińska (local organising team)