#emmaTalks is initiated to encourage discussion about timely topics that are relevant to the management of media. The first series of three #emmaTalks took place in June 2020 via ZOOM as a solution to the effects of the pandemic that made it impossible for scholars to physically meet eachother at #emmaSweden or anywhere else. The successful first series led to a second round of three #emmaTalks in the fall of 2020. emma is planning to host new #emmaTalks in 2021.

Recording of #emmaTalks are here to view.

Below you find an overview of all #emmaTalks including a link to the recording.

#emmaTalks 2022

May 11: Digital Business Ecosystems in Media and Journalism. Speakers: Gillian Doyle, Cindy Price Schultz, Ivana Kostovska

Link to recording (Passcode: @a#cVE9c)

April 13: Public Service Media: end of an era? Speakers: Jacquie Hughes, Maren Beaufort, Tim Raats

Link to recording (Passcode: mY@D5.Yb)

February 3: University-Industry Collaboration: perspectives on actionable knowledge. Speakers: Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Mercedes Medina, Päivi Maijanen Kyläheiko

(no recording available)

#emmaTalks series 1 2021

May 17: One-year into the pandemic: how does the media industry stand now. Speakers: Ken Doctor, Lucy Küng and James Savage 

#emmaTalks series 1 2020

June 8: Media Business Before & After the Pandemic. Speakers: Ken Doctor, Lucy Küng and James Savage 

June 15: emma 2020 Best Paper Candidates. Speakers: Paper 1: Per Ole Uphaus, Harald Rau, Annika Ehlers. Paper 2: Mathilde Sanders-van Balkom. Paper 3: Dilara Asardag. 

June 22: emma Research Grant: What innovation processes and structures are emerging from news media publishers, how is their efficacy judged? Speakers: Ana Nunes and John Mills.

#emmaTalks series 2 2020

October 14: Media Management Research. Speakers: Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, John Oliver and Sven-Over Horst.

October 20: Teaching Media Management. Speakers: Britta Gossel, Geoffrey Graybeal and Gregory Ferrell Lowe

November 2: Meet the Editors. Speakers: Michel Clement (JME), M. Bjørn von Rimscha (JOMBS), Paul Clemens Murschetz (JMME) and Datis Khajeheian (Nordic Journal of Media Management).