New book ‘Media Management Matters’ by Ulrike Rohn and Tom Evens

Ulrike Rohn and Tom Evens have published the edited collection ‘Media Management Matters: Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging Theory and Practice’. The book appears in Routledge’s Media Management and Economics series (edited by Alan B. Albarran) and is endorsed by the European Media Management Association. 

The volume brings together twenty-four international scholars, predominantly emma members, to reflect on university-industry collaborations, practice-led research and the implications for media management research. We posed the editors a few questions to learn more about the book

Why this book?

 “Media Management is a research field that intends to bridge theory and practice. However, most of us consider the job done when an article is published in an academic journal. This is a pity because many of these studies do hold great potential for creating actionable knowledge that can be put into practice by industry or policy stakeholders. So the book explores how we can take research beyond the academic community not only to address but also to solve real-world challenges.”

What is this book about?

“This book brings together international scholars to reflect on how they collaborated with industry or policy stakeholders and how their findings were used to inform strategies and policies. Some are success stories, others reflect on the failure to create actionable knowledge. The collection depicts media management as a critical but engaged scholarship that really matters to industry and policy stakeholders. Hence its title ‘Media Management Matters’.”

Why should one read it?

“First, the book creates awareness. Awareness that we need interdisciplinary research to answer complicated questions. Awareness that critical and engaged scholarship go together. Awareness that scholars need to get into dialogue with practitioners. Secondly, the book presents ideas, tips and hints in terms of overcoming such challenges and working towards an engaged scholarship in collaboration with stakeholders.”

For emma members we were able to negotiate a 30% discount. They will receive a promotion flyer in due course.

‘Media Management Matters: Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging Theory and Practice’ was published by Routledge. More information can be found here.