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Business model innovation and ecosystems

Data exchanges behind the curtain: the case of news apps for smartphones
Aske Kammer
Media Innovation and Business Models: the case of Virtual Reality
Heritiana Ranaivoson, Simon Delaere
Influences of production and distribution business models on content of TV series
Marcel Verhoeven
Business Education 2.0: How Celebrity Entrepreneurs in TV Business Formats teach the new Dogs old Tricks
Sabine Baumann
Downscaling the Scandi-Wave
Iris Dr. Rittenhofer
How media organizations could benefit from games industry’s business models. A systematic overview
Cornelia Wolf, Alexander Godulla, Michael Harnischmacher
Media Management and the hyperlocal sphere
Annika Ehlers
Jose M. Alvarez-Monzoncillo, Javier Lopez-Villanueva
Are newspapers in Europe really dying?
Marc Edge
What are the Implications of Programmatic Advertising on the Business Model of TV Broadcasters?
Henrik Jensen, Kristian J Sund
Influence of Entrepreneurial and Alliance Orientation on Business Model Innovation
Joschka Mütterlein, Reinhard Kunz
Managing media companies in the era of shifting global value chains: Challenges and opportunities
Jean K. Chalaby
Value Creation in Media Markets - The Advertiser Perspective
Henrik Jensen, Kristian J Sund
Nordic local news media and digital transformation
Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Mikko Villi
Business Models, IP and the Creative Industries: A Meta-analysis
Nicola Searle
Does control and power affect value creation? Evidence from online video services
Vânia Gonçalves
Value Creation through Diversification Strategies in Online Platform Markets: The Example of Alphabet, Inc.
Julia Müller

Collaboration, partnerships and coopetition

Value Creation in Film and Television Markets: the Impact of Copyright Regimes in Transition
Eva Van Passel
An investigation of the collaborative strategies of UK broadcast media organisations
Graham Goode
Rethinking related rights. A critical view on national and European legislative approaches to regulate aggregation services
Achim Förster, Alexander Godulla
Externalizing exploration for digital transition: Organizational ambidexterity in a media company
Päivi Maijanen, Paavo Ritala
Value co-creation in media agency services: An advertiser and media agency perspective on value generation
Melanie Herfort
University-Industry Collaboration: Implications for Media Management Scholarship and Practice
Gregory Ferrell Lowe

Media hubs, creative clusters and value networks

Creative media clusters: location, proximity and density in Brussels, Tallinn and Vienna
Michal Glowacki
The precariousness of creative hubs. A regime approach to cultural production and creative industries policies.
Erik Hitters, Yosha Wijngaarden, Pawan Bhansing
Value Networks for Renewal and Innovation: Challenges for Media Management
Sari Susanna Virta
The multidisciplinarity of media and CCI clusters – A structured literature review
Marlen Komorowski

Platforms and multi-sided markets

Value Creation through Diversification Strategies in Online Platform Markets: The Example of Alphabet, Inc.
Julia Müller
Making sense of organizational boundaries in the context of a blog-based magazine
Saara Bange, Rita Järventie-Thesleff

Entrepreneurship in media and journalism

Beyond the wall: failure in entrepreneurial journalism
Amanda Daniëlle Brouwers
Beyond the wall: failure in entrepreneurial journalism
Amanda Daniëlle Brouwers

Media funding, venture capital and crowdfunding

The end of the old, the beginning of the new. Can failure of traditional business models lead to success of crowdfunding?
Agnes Urban
The impact of M&As on target firm’s financial position and business activities: Three cases of failing newspaper publishers
Miriam van der Burg, Tobias Klein, Hilde Van Den Bulck
User attitudes toward crowdfunding of journalism: a study of viable business models for the newspaper industry
Sara Leckner, Sven Packmohr, Ylva Lindgren
The potential of paywall to attract new subscribers? - Business model in local online Norwegian newspapers
Mona Kristin Solvoll, Ragnhild Kristine Olsen

Emerging media markets

New formats need new skills, an examination of the skills set of early career Chinese media workers compared to those of the UK
Peter L Block
Media Concentration in the Baltic States (2000–2014)
Andres Jõesaar
Emerging Media Markets: A Framework for EMMA Special Interest Group
Datis Khajeheian
Impact of Opportunity Exploration and Exploitation in Performance of Iranian Small Media Firms
Afshin Omidi, Datis Khajeheian

Media innovation policies and subsidies

News-Industry Responses to Innovation Stimulus: voices from the Danish periphery
Aske Kammer
Scenarios for future media policy
Arne Håskjold Krumsvik, Helle Sjøvaag
Are innovation policies leading to more innovative media markets? The Spanish experience (2006-2016)
Francisco J. Pérez-Latre, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero
Scenarios for future media policy
Helle Sjøvaag, Arne Håskjold Krumsvik

Creativity, user participation and value co-creation

Media business models and trust in the era of ‘fake news’
Charles Brown

Information technology in media companies

Blockchain and Media: Technology, Theory and Applications
Mats Nylund, Petri Honkanen, Magnus Westerlund
Risk Effects in the Movie Industry
Alexa B. Burmester, Michel Clement, Jan U. Becker, Annette Hofmann, Steven Wu
The value of recommendations in Spanish television consumption
Mercedes Medina, Mónica Herrero, Alicia Urgellés

Impact of digital technology on media consumption

The New Authenticity – Self Broadcasting with Snapchat: A Comparative Acceptance Study of the German and Thai Markets.
Julia Engel, Stephan Böhm, Sid Suntrayuth, Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol, Bastian Eine
Is anchoring effect in Television viewing? The correlation between real time buzzwords and the simultaneous change of TV rating : The case study of Korean dramas
Kyungran Ma
Are Spanish Internet Users Hooked on Lit Screens?
Enrique Guerrero, Patricia Diego, David Kimber
Digital Audio and Sports Sponsorship: Audience Connection through Podcasting
Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Sabrina Maaß, Lisa-Charlotte Wolter
Timing Strategies for Sequential Distributed Products
Rouven Seifert
Toward a Multidimensional Framework of Media Engagement: Conceptualizing Consumer Experience and Connection with Media Content in a Digital Environment
Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Lisa-Charlotte Wolter
Communication strategy of Netflix Spain. Analysis of the first year on Twitter
Erika Fernández Gómez, Juan Martín Quevedo
Manuel Goyanes, Alfonso Vara-Miguel
As time goes by: The shift towards video advertising and its strategic implications for broadcasters
Kati Förster, Lilian Meyer-Janzek
User Acceptance of Sport-related Virtual Reality
Reinhard Kunz, Martin Bauhofer, Joschka Mütterlein
Digital consumption patterns in Southern Europe
Petros Iosifidis
The value of recommendations in television consumption: the Spanish case
Mercedes Medina

General track

The Competition is Only a Click Away? The Behavioral Economics of Lock-In and Leveraging for Online Services
Steven S Wildman
Managing media uncertainty: exploring multiple futures with multiple strategies
John Jason Oliver
Successful Strategic Transformation in the Media
John Jason Oliver
Media brand architecture: managing network, channel, programme and talent personalities
John J Oliver, Chris Chapleo, Mona Seyed Esfahani
Is risk sensemaking an iron cage? Sensemaking, sensegiving and strategy change of legacy news organizations in Switzerland, Finland, and the UK
Juliane A Lischka
Identifying paths to success of media product brands by QCA and case inspection
Marcel Verhoeven, Isabelle Krebs, M. Björn Von Rimscha, Gabriele Siegert
Are Programs Provided by TV Broadcasting Stations Substitutes? -An Estimation of Complementarity/substitutability between Programs Broadcast -
Akio Torii
Ambidexterity as a strategic option – exploitation and exploration in transnational markets
Pamela Przybylski, M. Bjørn von Rimscha, Johanna Möller, Denise Voci, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, Matthias Karmasin
Drivers of the productivity of creative media professionals
M. Bjørn von Rimscha
Professed or Actual: Investigating Pro-Social Behavior of Media Employees
Joyce K Costello
Value creation and Sustainability in the Television Production Sector
Gillian Doyle
The changing nature of Brand Management in the Media Industry: Implications to the way we manage our brands in an era of stakeholder co-creation
Melanie Gray
Media Management and Economics in Europe (1930s-2010s)
Juan Pablo Artero, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero
The dual responsibility model for media organizations: Going strong or no more?
Laura Olkkonen
For what it’s worth: Measuring the performance of public service broadcasters in Europe
Tobias Eberwein, Matthias Karmasin, Florian Saurwein, Nadja Vogl
From servitization to a Service Dominant (SD) logic? A marketing perspective on the business model innovatin efforts in newspapers.
Joaquin Cestino
Leadership in news media organization
Cristóbal Benavides
TV providers’ online ventures and their impact on the opinion market
Stephanie Kienzler, Bjørn von Rimscha
The ties that bind: How the roles of family ownership and proximity shape the ideological value of 'serving the good of the community' in the business strategy of the provincial press.
Joaquin Cestino
Communication Management for Public Service Broadcasting – An Analysis of the Legitimizing Rhetoric of PSB in Switzerland
Stefanie Andrea Hangartner, Gabriele Siegert
Trends in technology and the future of media management (reseach)?
Britta M. Gossel, Andreas Will, Julian Windscheid
An Application of the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance to the Issue of Monetizing Journalistic Online Content
Christian-Mathias Wellbrock
The Influence of Native Advertising on Customer-Based Brand Equity of Media Outlets and Advertising Companies
Larissa Janikua Wessel, Gianna Luisa Ehrlich
Media management as a style of thinking: Exploring entrepreneurial and branding strategies in start-ups
Sven-Ove Horst, Charlene Wündsch
Digital privacy and new media: Assessing the impact proposed changes to data protection regulations (GDPR) have on personal information disclosure in online new media environments.
Conor O'Kane
Value-oriented media management - an unbalanced plurality
Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen

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