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Big Data and Internet of Things

‘Datafying’ Broadcasting: Exploring the Role of Big Data for TV Broadcasting and Its Implications for Policy-Making in a Big Data-Driven TV Ecosystem. The Case of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Paul Clemens Murschetz
Analyzing user's web search behavior in Iran 2016 Parliamentary election by using google search big data
mohammad hossein mirhashemi, siavash salavatian

Media platforms and ICT

Structural Power of Video Distribution Platforms: Who’s to Win the Rat Race?
Tom Evens
Decentralized Media: How blockchain changes media
Mats Nylund
Millennials and Snapchat: A Mystery to many Marketers
Andreas Baetzgen, Jörg Tropp
Forces in Social-Media News Making
Juliane Anke Lischka

Predictive analytics, behavioral targeting, data-driven personalisation

Are musicking and big data transforming the music industry? The French context
Nabyla DAIDJ
Big Data, AI, and Predictive Analytics: Are they just Buzzwords or hopeful Bearers of new Media Business Models?
Sabine Baumann
Message Framing and Different Appeals: an Experiment Using a Specific Digital Messaging Platform for Data Driven Personalization
Rebecca Hammers, Michelle Helena Kovacs, Miruna Doicaru
shaghayegh kolli, siavash salavatian, Datis Khajeheian
Behind the Scenes: Behavioral Tracking and Personalization Strategies of German News App Providers
Stephan Böhm

IP management and data management planning

Data protection policies in Spanish media groups: transparency and challenges
Mercedes Medina, Idoia Portilla

Media funding and venture capital

Ownership identity and business models of European news media start-ups
Mathilde Sanders
Engagement without passion? An evolving business model for journalism in the digital age funded by audience revenues
Carl-Gustav Lindén, Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Villi, Mikko Grönlund, Bozena Mierzejewska, Robert Picard, Alex Röpnack

Cultural and production studies

Societal relevance as success factor of TV series: A comparison of the creators’ perspectives across nine European countries
Marcel Verhoeven
How does the plumbing work? Understanding the network-flow model behind Netflix and other streaming video services
Anders Fagerjord, Lucy Kueng
“Coming to Terms with the Robot”: Acceptance Process of Innovative Technology in Television Industry
Nur Kareelawati Binti Abd Karim, Sami Salama Hussen Hajjaj
A paradoxical approach to managing media production as creative work
Pamela Nölleke-Przybylski
Cultural Differences of Perceived Behavioral Intention to Use Mobile Payment - A Transatlantic Comparison between Germany and the USA
Maximilian Fischer, Riccardo Reith, Bettina Lis
What makes an internet meme a meme. Group dynamics in social media: masses, acceleration forces and potentials. A Conceptual Framework and an Analytical Toolkit.
Alexander Moutchnik, Megan Toth

Impact of digital technologies and machines on media consumption

Facebook’s vs Snapchat’s subgenerations: how media generations differ in using social media? - empirical approach
Tomasz Gackowski
Opinions shaped by images. The role of photographs in press articles regarding the Crimea conflict.
Mateusz Patera
Vlogging is getting grown up: YouTube-stars in the public discourse of conventional media
Natalia Berger
When is prime-time in streaming media platforms and video-on-demands services? New media consumption patterns and real-time economy.
Jonas Tana, Emil Eirola, Mats Nylund
Collaborative Consumption: Millennials’ Consumer Attitude towards Asset-sharing Services and Implications for Media Management
Erik Fuchs, Michelle Helena Kovacs
“Let’s get started” – Chatbots as a new instrument of media management
Philipp Bachmann, Isabelle Krebs, Jonas Schwab
Consumer Attitudes towards Immersive Journalism
Matthias Mack, Stephanie Kienzler
Challenges of corporate collection of personal data in the age of big data - A survey of user attitudes
Sara Leckner
Creating new affordances with automated journalism
Stefanie Sirén-Heikel, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Leo Leppänen

Innovation management

Co-Creation, Collaboration und Co-opetition in journalism: How media organizations reflect on innovative forms of media production
Cornelia Wolf, Alexander Godulla
Future media worker – media management, journalism and marketing in the age of Big Data.
agnieszka węglińska, Sylwia Siekierka
Customer co-creation in media content innovation: An exploratory study of commercial Television broadcasters in Pakistan
Imran Nazir, Adele Berndt
Trust is a Good Thing, but a Blockchain is a Better One?
Philipp Bachmann
Mapping new revenue streams for journalism in the age of technology platforms and social media: the case of Spain
Miguel Carvajal, José María Valero

Organisational structures and cultures

Why Subcontracting System does not work in Contents Industries in Japan?
Akio Torii
Human resources management as a crucial success factor in the creative and media industry: The new relationship between artistic and technical professions
Andreas Baetzgen, Burkard Michel, Magdalena Ciepluch
Beyond the wall: online journalists and marketers preparing online news personalisation in the Belgian publishing company Mediafin
Sylvain Malcorps
The Impact of Trust and Culture on Success in Advertising Selling
Ingo Knuth, Christian-Mathias Wellbrock, Andreas Golze
Beyond the transnational. Comparing and explicating media companies’ cross-border strategies.
Johanna Elisabeth Moeller, Pamela Nölleke-Przybylski, Denise Voci, Bjørn von Rimscha, Matthias Karmasin, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen

Smart city and social innovation

Smart City Technologies in Everyday Life Citizens’ Information Sources, Knowledge, and Acceptance
Alexander Godulla, Cornelia Wolf

Strategic media management (emma Special Interest Group)

The Evolution of Strategic Media Management: What's in, What's Out, What's Hot, and What's Not?
Sabine Baumann
An Innovation-Based Model of Competitive Advantage for Digital Music Distribution: A Grounded Theory in Iran
Taher Roshandel Arbatani, Hooman Asadi, Afshin Omidi
CSR of Media Companies. Management and corporate communication strategies
Alexander Moutchnik
The Possible Risks and Side-Effects of Native Advertising
Philipp Bachmann, Sévérine Hunziker, Tanja Rüedy
What is it worth? The changing customer value propositions and media disruption
Päivi Maijanen, Amanda Piepponen, Paavo Ritala
Value chain modularity and supplier strategy: The case of the media delivery GVC in IP-based broadcasting
Jean K. Chalaby
Internal innovation in the Portuguese media: case study of 3 media outlets in search for the best practices for media survival and development
Miguel Crespo
Not to be thrown on the scrap heap: The Hypothesis of Adaptation and Commercialized Content as a question for Media Management
Harald Gerhard Rau
Is there future for local media brands? Media digitalisation impact on media branding in Latvia. The younger audience in focus.
Linda Saulite

Media entrepreneurship (emma Special Interest Group)

Does media shape the becoming of an entrepreneur? Narrating unfolding identities
Sven-Ove Horst, Francisco Javier Perez Latre, Rita Järventie-Thesleff
Exploring the role of media experiences in entrepreneurship motivation
Christoph Klimmt, Christopher Buschow, Alexander Heimer, Daniel Possler
The different shades of social media “influencer” as content producer - A systematic approach to classify influencer and their impact as media entrepreneurs in the advertising and recipient market based on empirical data
Castulus Kolo

Information technology in media companies (emma Special Interest Group)

How to engage with Generation Z in Instagram. A comparative analysis of HBO and Netflix in Spain and USA market
Juan Martín Quevedo, Erika Fernández Gómez, Francisco Segado Boj
The influence of technology trends on business models and value chains of media companies
Britta Gossel, Andreas Will, Julian Windscheid
Context related information in mobile news. A Study on the Adoption of Localization Technology by Legacy Media Organizations
Harald Gerhard Rau, Annika Ehlers

Media policy & regulations (emma Special Interest Group)

Questioning the link between market structure and media diversity
Jonathan Hendrickx
Anita Ceglińska
Monica Herrero, Ulla-Maija Mylly
How to deal with Fake News? Spotlight on the Germany media policy
Harald Gerhard Rau, Eric Spruth, Annika Ehlers
Watching the watchdog. Non-governmental organizations in the service of scrutiny, transparency and accountability of journalism in the "post-truth" era.
Dagmara Klaudia Sidyk

Emerging media markets (emma Special Interest Group)

Growth of media and economic development in international perspective - Structural equation modelling and time series analysis of economic, media industries and system data from developing via emerging to mature economies
Castulus Kolo
JOY" magazine as an example of the Polish publishing multi-platform
Anna Jupowicz-Ginalska

General Papers

Mediterranean Timelines. Millennials, Social Media and Public Engagement between North and South Sides
Andrea Miconi
The Truth Is Out There: Company Financial Reports as Primary Sources for Media Management Research
Marc Edge
Datafication and Digital Resource Exchanges in the News Industry
Aske Kammer
Digitalization and Economic Contribution of Copyright-based Industries: Case Finland
Mikko Grönlund, Tuomas Ranti, Petteri Sinervo
Shaping the corporate perimeter in a changing media industry
John J Oliver, Gregory F Lowe
Understanding chronic corporate underperformance in Media-Tech Firms
John J Oliver
The Network Power of Third Party Actors in the Hyperlinked News Ecology
Aske Kammer, Helle Sjøvaag, Michael Karlsson
Managing Editorial Design: Effects of Magazine Cover Design on Consumer Behaviour
Christian Wellbrock, Lea Püchel
Media Brand Equity on the online advertising market
Monia Kouki-Block
The importance of media brands on the online advertising market - Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment
Monia Kouki-Block
Complementary Media Offers for Online Gamers: A Conjoint-Study based on the Example of World of Warcraft
Roman Jacobi, Judith Eißer, Stephan Böhm
2013 reform of Open Pension Funds in stakeholder messaging presented in press coverage
Karolina Brylska
Ambidexterity in film production networks
Stephanie Kienzler, Bjørn von Rimscha
The matchmaking of knowledgebits and its impact on media companies and societies
Thomas Petzold
Generation Z: exploring payment for media content online in Norway.
Linn-Birgit Kampen Kristensen, Mona K. Solvoll
Measuring the usability of paywalls
Barbara Brandstetter, Michael Fürsich
Dieselgate in Official Volkswagen Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Communication in the USA, Germany and Poland
Łukasz Przybysz
The Impact of Opion Leadership on Technology Acceptance and Use of Online Services Among Solver Surfers
Justin Reichelt, Ingo Knuth, Thomas Petzold

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