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The Management of Media Brands: Legacy and New Media Brands in Spanish Online News Markets
Francisco J. Pérez-Latre
Exploring the role of brand orientation in the development and sustainability of media brand collaborations
Graham Goode

Best Paper Candidates

Strategic wayfinding during emergent change in media organizations – a narrative approach
Sven-Ove Horst, Rita Järventie-Thesleff
Future of Newspaper Business Models in Finland
Jenny Maria Caroliina Larikka, Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen
Business model innovation dynamics in legacy newspapers: Strategizing at critical junctures.
Joaquin Cestino

Content Marketing and CRM

Content Marketing: An Overview of the Phenomenon and Literature Review
Songming Feng, Mart Ots
Online Content Marketing usage by Generation Y consumers – the case of IKEA
Victoria Helgeson, Amanda Jeirud, Adele Berndt, Songming Feng
Perceived risk and Google Glass in a virtual shopping environment
Nick Cremers, Dirk P Janssen, Michelle Kovacs
Brand events as a strategic tool for market sustainability and audience engagement: The case of three British newsbrands.
Tauheed Ahmad Ramjaun

Media Economics and the Economics of Journalism

Conceptualizing News Media Sustainability in a Global Context
C Ann Hollifield, Laura Schneider, Jan Lublinski
Digital Piracy: The Black Market for Magazine Copies
Marcel Garz, Armin Rott, Matthias Wass von Czege
Shared characteristics of successful media products
Christoph Sommer, M. Bjørn von Rimscha, Marcel Verhoeven, Isabelle Krebs, Gabriele Siegert
Redefining the UK Creative Industries
Peter L Block

Future Business Models for Media Firms

In-app advertising as a revenue model for mobile publishing – a content analysis of contemporary practices in tablet-magazines
Alexander Godulla, Cornelia Wolf
Developing sustainable business models from public domain IP: a value chain analysis of UK media firms
Kristofer Erickson
From Subscription-based to Attention-based business models: A study of Users’ acceptance level of being Commodifed for free access to value
Datis Khajeheian
Determinants of the Willingness to Pay for Digital News
Alfonso Vara-Miguel, Carolina Díaz-Espina
Sharing Economy: Implications for media industries serving small markets
Ulrike Rohn, Mats Nylund

Change Management

Dynamic Capabilities and Adaptive Advantage in UK Media
John Jason Oliver
Shifting roles and blurring boundaries: the diffusion of management and journalism in networked newspaper newsrooms
Wei Shao
The pace of organizational change towards online strategies and market success of legacy news organizations
Juliane Anke Lischka
Big Data comes with change: organizational challenges in use and implementation of new tools of marketing research.
Bozena Mierzejewska, Horst Stipp

The Management and Economics of Hedonic Media Products and Entertainment Media

Vincent James Pellizzi, Bozena Mierzejewska
State of the art and new directions for future research on value creation with fictional content in Germany
Florian Kumb, Reinhard Kunz, Gabriele Siegert
Jose Maria Alvarez-Monzoncillo, Javier Lopez-Villanueva, Fernando Suarez
The Sense and Non-sense of cultural subsidies: The Effect of Film-Funding Activities in Germany on Movie Demand and Quality
Rouven Seifert

Online Consumer Behaviour

Consumption Patterns of Mobile Internet Users The Relevance of Online and Mobile Devices for Background Information
Cornelia Wolf, Alexander Godulla
The business implications of consumers’ behavioral patterns on a magazine website
Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen, Patrik Wikström, Anette Johansson
Comparing the user experience with a women’s magazine and its website. A uses and gratifications perspective
Nina Verta, Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen

HR and education

Manuel Goyanes
A sustainable and entrepreneurial education of future journalists. An empirical investigation of entrepreneurship as part of journalistic role conceptions, competencies and education.
Britta Maria Gossel, Andreas Will
Assessing Employee Creativity in a Media Organization
Stavros Georgiades, Mike Friedrichsen


Native to overcome declining ad engagement? A closer look at the user experience
Lisa Charlotte Wolter, Maik Schönbach
Blurred Lines: an exploration of online native advertising from the advertisers’ and media perspective
Bianca Harms
Search Advertising: Is There a Feedback Effect?
W. Wayne Fu, Steven S Wildman, Carol Y. Ting

Development and Management of Public Service Media

Efficiency of regional public service broadcasters in Spain using DEA and benchmarking
Víctor Orive, Pilar Latorre, Juan Pablo Artero
Managerial strategic thinking and digital transformation in public media: A comparative study
Päivi Maijanen
Development and sustainability in the Television Industry: The role of channels
Gillian Doyle

Mobile Technology Adoption

ACCEPTANCE OF MOBILE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES - A cross-national analysis of smartphone and tablet usage
Reinhard Kunz, Ingo Knuth, Eva Querengässer, Christian-Mathias Wellbrock
Network Effects As a Driver of the Purchasing Decision for Smartphone Ecosystems – An Empirical Analysis Using Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis
Heinz-Werner Nienstedt, Jennifer Berz, Tanja Eiff, Lucie Volquartz
Young Adults’ Smartphone Use: A Four-Nation Comparative Analysis
Cristóbal Benvides

Brands and Cooperation

Celebrities in the Shark Tank: Co-Branding Strategies for Media Products
Sabine Baumann
Exploring the role of brand experience and co-creation in media brands
Melanie Gray

Changes in National Media Landscapes

Getting Through the Euro Zone Crisis: Explaining Changing Ownership Structures in Flanders’ Media Industry between 2004 and 2013
Miriam van der Burg, Hilde van den Bulck
Non-profit News Ventures in Egypt Seeking Independence, Survival and Sustainability:
Naomi Sakr
Crowding out and its aftermath in the Hungarian media scene from managerial point of view in the 2010s
Agnes Urban, Mihaly Galik
Newspaper industry and challenges of rapidly changing business environment
Katja Lehtisaari
Newspaper Ownership Concentration and Market Dynamics in Brazil and in Portugal
João Paulo Faustino, Sonia Virgínia Moreira

Audio-Visual Production and Consumption

Transnational television – products, production and reception
Kati Förster, M. Bjørn von Rimscha
¨International coproduction strategies. Disney Channel series Violetta as a case”
ethel pis diez, Fausto Garcia, Teresa Bosch
Storm in a teacup? Netflix and its impact on local TV ecosystems
Tom Evens
Multiple Discrete-Continuous Model Approach to Platform Substitution Pattern in Broadcasting Consumption
Chankyung Pak
Engagement and the evolution of audio-visual consumption
Alicia Urgellés, Mónica Herrero

Business Models in the Newspaper Business

Crowdfunding - an overestimated tool to finance journalism
Ralf Spiller, Matthias Degen
Towards a Belgian Single Sign-On Media Solution: Four Scenarios from the Market and Consumer Perspective
Marlen Komorowski
Newspaper paywalls in Germany
Barbara Brandstetter, Jessica Schmalhofer
A Comparison of Digital Business Strategies between the Financial Times and the Asahi Shimbun
Yotaro Okamoto
How can survive Newspaper industry in the future.

Innovation Management

Constraints and Complications of Innovation in Content Development: Case Yle in Finland
Sari Virta
New Business Development in the Media Industry: An Analysis of Media Firms Corporate Venture Capital Investments
Tim Christopher Hasenpusch
Forever temporary: Organizing Innovation in Two Newspapers
Elena Raviola, Rolf Lundin, Maria Norbäck
Sustainable infrastructures for content services in specialist publishing houses
Svenja Hagenhoff
The show must go on(line). Online video production as a challenge for innovation management in established and upcoming media companies
Christian Zabel, Sven Pagel
Understanding Dual Demands in Media Companies’ Innovation Management
Reinhard Kunz, Joschka Mütterlein, Lea Püchel
Theorising Innovation in Media Production
Paul Dwyer
Analogue stories at the digital campfire: Art museums’ possible exploits in digital media
Hendrikje Brüning

Management of Media Brands

The importance of media brand personality fit between audience and channel brands; an exploration.
Chris Chapleo
The brand as overall success factor for media products
Isabelle Krebs, Marcel Verhoeven, Gabriele Siegert, Christoph Sommer, M. Bjørn von Rimscha

Media Business Ethics and Media Social Responsibility

Our Common Future: Sustainability Education among the Malaysian Media
Mohamad Saifudin Mohamad Saleh
Reconsidering Media Management : with or without ethics?
Ghislain Deslandes
Ethics as practice: The growing relevance of individual ethics in the responsible management of media organizations in change
Anke Trommershausen

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