Upcoming emma talk: Media Management Research

Overcoming challenges for bridging theory and practice

Wednesday October 14 – at 4 pm CET

At October 14th, the first in a row of three emma talks takes place with panelists Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, John Oliver and Sven-Over Horst. The topic of the talk is Media Management Research: Overcoming challenges for bridging theory and practice. You can join via Zoom.

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Media management research looks at one of the most dynamic industries, which means that there is great potential for research to advance not only theoretical but also practical knowledge that benefits industry and policymaker stakeholders. 

However, the research questions to which we scholars address ourselves are rarely the result of a dialogue with our stakeholders. More rarely still are the research results turned into actionable knowledge that informs the stakeholders.

What are the difficulties in bridging theory and practice in our field? How can we, media management scholars, make sure that we address real-life problems, and how can we balance a practice-relevant approach with a critical enquiry? 

This emmaTalk presents some of the authors of the edited volume, Media Management Matters: Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging Theory and Practice. 


Sylvia Chan-Olmsted is the Director of Media Consumer Research in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. A Professor of Media Management, Dr.Chan-Olmsted’s research expertise includes digital/mobile/cross-platform media consumption, brand and media engagement, brand trust, competition between legacy and emerging media platforms, and AI applications in media and marketing communications. A prolific scholar, her current studies involve audience engagement, media brand trust measurement, and AI personalization as well as fairness issues. Dr. Chan-Olmsted has conducted consumer research for Google, Adidas, U.S. National Association of Broadcasters, the Cable Center, Nielsen, Huffington Post (Germany), Bertelsmann (Gruner + Jahr), Association of Top German Sport Sponsors (S20 group), and various industry partners. Recipient of over 30 national and international research awards and author of hundreds of publications, Dr. Chan-Olmsted served as the Research Association Dean in the College of Journalism and Communications for six years. She currently holds the Al and Effie Flanagan Professorship at the University of Florida and conducts applied research for the TV, radio, and digital media brands owned by the University of Florida.

John Oliver has published extensively in international media and business journals. Dr. Oliver research has influenced UK communications policy and regulatory decisions relating to Sky Plc and influenced the public policy debate on the future of internet regulation. It has also created financial benefits for several world class management consultancies which resulted in direct economic impacts in terms of new jobs and multi-million pound investments made by FTSE 100 firms and Middle East Government agencies. His research has recently been published by the UK Parliament in inquiries relating to ‘The Future of Journalism’ and the ‘Impact of COVID19 on Business Innovation’.  

Sven-Ove Horst is Assistant Professor for Media and Creative Industries at Erasmus University Rotterdam and visiting professor at Universidad de Navarra, Faculty of Communication. Dr. Horst has held previous positions at Bauhaus-University Weimar and Aalto University School of Business. His research centers on strategic media management, media entrepreneurship and organization theory, and has been published in for example the International Journal on Media Management, the Journal of Media Business Studies, the Nordic Journal of Media Management, and the Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship, for which he serves as associate editor. He generally likes exploring emergent phenomena, such as strategy, identity work and entrepreneurial branding during times of digitalization. He enjoys speaking at conferences and is interested in connecting theory with practice through leadership development workshops, networking activities, and consulting.

The talk will be moderated by Ulrike Rohn and Tom Evens, the book’s editors.


Tom Evens is an Assistant Professor in Media Industries at Ghent University, Belgium. Dr. Evens is the author of a few books on the media industry and a co-editor of ‘Media Management Matters’. He has been involved in numerous industry-driven research projects and has been consulting several governments and media organisations on strategy and public policy issues.

Ulrike Rohn is Professor of Media Management and Economics at Tallinn University in Estonia and President of the European Media Management Association (emma). Dr. Rohn leads various national and international research projects in the field of media management, and she co-edited the edited volume “Media Management Matters – Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging Theory and Practice“.